Conversations with Friends

Conversations with Friends
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About Conversations with Friends

Conversations with Friends is an upcoming television series developed by Element Pictures for BBC Three and Hulu based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Sally Rooney. It is the second adaptation by this crew of a Sally Rooney novel.


Conversations with Friends follow two Dublin college students, Frances and Bobbi, and the strange and unexpected connection they forge with married couple, Melissa and Nick.

Critic Reviews

  • The drama does ask whether we’re being asked to squeeze ourselves into unrealistic roles. That provocation is balanced with the dreamy, golden-hued cinematography, particularly during the group’s idyllic holiday to Croatia, which makes this an utter joy to watch, as well as an audacious conversation-starter.

    Rating: 100/100
    The Telegraph
  • One of the best new shows of the year, Conversations With Friends proves there’s nothing inherently shallow about a story that makes space for satisfaction.

    Rating: 100/100
  • If you’re looking for a picture-perfect happy ending, watch a Hallmark movie instead. Conversations with Friends asks more questions than it answers, and it may very well rip out your heart and run it over with one of those mopeds you see on the streets of Dublin.

    Rating: 87/100
    Paste Magazine
  • A fraught, often upsetting look at how the strongest feelings of love can break us apart and scatter what we know of ourselves. Rooney remains a singular voice – but this one might remain better on the page.

    Rating: 60/100
  • If Conversations With Friends excels at capturing the finer details of their interactions, however, it’s somewhat less convincing at conveying the warmth or heat coursing underneath them. In part, it’s a problem of chemistry. ... Oliver and Alwyn generate only mild friction together. ... Better together are Oliver and Lane, especially when Conversations With Friends is able to dive into the longstanding well of love between their characters.

    Rating: 60/100
    The Hollywood Reporter
  • The series attempts to explore all avenues of it–albeit mostly via angsty debriefs and loaded, silent looks. But wanting comes from the heart, and unfortunately, somewhere between the page and the screen, this story became bloodless.

    Rating: 50/100
    The Playlist
  • Conversations with Friends, like its characters, doesn’t have much to say, but takes its sweet time saying it.

    Rating: 40/100
    The Independent